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This list is intended to be a starting point with suggestions of potentially helpful services in our community that can enhance postpartum mental health.  This list is not meant to be a substitute for treatment. 

Please reach out to a mental health professional if you are concerned or bothered by how you are feeling.

Community Resources - Additional Supports and Services in the Community


Women of Color

Breastfeeding Support and Information

Career Coaching


Community Agencies

COVID-19 Resources

Domestic Abuse Support

Fathers, Partners, and Other Family Member Resources

Grief and Loss


Life Coaching/Workshops/Education

Meeting Other Moms

Nutrition and Health Coaching

Open Play

Parent/Child Music Classes

Pelvic Physical Therapy/Pain Relief

Pet Adjustment Issues

Sleep Consultation

Substance Use - Help for Moms Struggling with Alcohol and Drug Use

Teens and Young Moms

Yoga and Exercise - Prenatal/Postnatal/Mom & Baby