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For Moms of Multiples

WNY Mothers of Multiples

Our club is organized to help support you in your special role as the mother of multiples (i.e., twins, triplets, and higher order multiples).  Our members include expectant and current mothers of multiples (children of all ages), including mothers of multiple multiples! We understand all too well what it's like to bring multiples into this world (either though pregnancy or adoption) and the unique challenges and joys of raising multiples.

Private Facebook Group & Dial-A-Mom directory of club members across Western New York - Chances are, if you are going through a challenging situation, another mother of multiples has had a similar experience and can offer advice or just let you vent. Common topics:  Sleep/Toilet training multiples, speech/physical therapy, special education, nursing multiples, working moms, bed rest during pregnancy, and many more!

Website: WNY Mothers of Multiples (

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