Baby Yoga
Baby Yoga

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Mother Breastfeeding Baby


Baby Yoga
Baby Yoga

This list is intended to be a starting point with suggestions of potentially helpful services in our community that can enhance postpartum mental health.  This list is not meant to be a substitute for treatment. 

Please reach out to a mental health professional if you are concerned or bothered by how you are feeling.

Community Resources - Additional Supports and Services in the Community


Resources for Women of Color

Breastfeeding Support and Information

Career Coaching

Community Agencies

Domestic Abuse Support

Fathers, Partners, and Other Family Member Resources

Grief and Loss


Life Coaching/Workshops/Education

Mommy & Me/Meeting Other Moms

Nutrition and Health Coaching

Open Play

Parent/Child Music Classes

Pelvic Physical Therapy/Pain Relief

Pet Adjustment Issues

Sleep Issues

Substance Use - Help for Moms Struggling with Alcohol and Drug Use

Teens and New Moms

Yoga and Exercise Classes - Prenatal/Postnatal/Mom & Baby